Valencia University Opening "Enric Valor: The Value of words"
Here you can find out about this important Valencian writer.

He has been appointed The Writer of the Year in Valencia because his centenary is being celebrated.

A lot of cultural activities, exhibions and conferences are being held these days in order to help everybody have a wider knowledge about him and his work. Among the activites, our COMENIUS PROJECT, which includes his biography and videos in which our students act his most famous tales (Contalles).

We hope you enjoy it!

Here you have our version of two of the stories Enric Valor Wrote.

On the 27th of October our we went to Castalla, the town where Enric Valor was born. There we went to the mountain and visited some of the places which are described in "Contalles de la Boira" by Enric Valor. The students read some passages of this work in those places. After the school trip, some students have written a summary of the trip and others have adapted and translated the passages they read there.

Trip to Castalla!
On Wednesday, 27th of october 2010, our classsmates and us, 4th “A” and “C” and 1th Bat of IES Federica Montseny, went on a school trip, to Castalla, place where Enric Valor was born.DSCN8045.JPG

The bus arrived at school al 8:30 am and we started our trip at 9:00 am.

The journey lasted 2 hours, which passed in a moment.

We stopped in a café in Castalla to have a break of 10 minutes.

Later, Vicent , a teacher of Alicante´s university and his little dog Tara were waiting for us. They were very nice and funny.

At the beginningof the forest track, we stopped a moment to have breakfast and at the same time, Vicent, the teacher, explained us part of “Les Contalles de la Boira”, by the famous author Enric Valor.
We were walking for 15 minutes, when Vicent started to explain a part of the text called “L´arribada”, in a place where there were some forest tracks that went to some place.
Going to the old house of Enric Valor, the time passed very fast, while Vicent didn´t stop his explanation. After half an hour, we arrived to the old house of Enric Valor. We stopped there a moment , and Vicent explained us what “Les Cadolles”
cadolla de Planisses
were, and how Enric Valor lived in his house and all around him.

Some minutes leter, we started to climb up to a peak called “clot de coti”. It was a very wonderful and extraordinary landscape.
There, Vicent told us the story of an imaginated village created by Enric Valor
In the end of the explanation , the teacher asked 3 students to read a text about this imaginated village.
We went down the mountain until the “Pou de Cardenal”. Some students did a short reading, explaining the history of a will.
Also while we were going along the tracks, the teacher of biology and geology, Pilar Bertrán, explained to some students of her class the different types of plants that there were there.

The little dog, Tara, the dog of the teacher, was with us all the time crossing unexpectedly through our feet. All the grils and boys played with Tara, throwing her rocks and other things in order that she brought them to us.
When we were in the peak “Clot de Coti”, we could see a full plain of fields with little villages among them, and in the end, we could see Alcoy with big mountains and trees. The house of Enric Valor was isolated in the nature among the mountains and the forest and it was also a long way from Castara,_de_vicent_brotonstalla.
We stopped some minutes to have lunch. We watched the nature around us and we talked with our friends.
It was a day of a lot of nature, it was very tiring and it was very sunny.
At the end of the day, we went back to the departured poimt, where we took a photo, and this wonderful day finished with a very good experience, with nature, the valencian literature and with the happy way back to our little village Burjassot.
Álvaro González, César Flores, Luis Pinto, Tihomir Ilkov


Once upon a time, there was a man who liked playing domino.imagesCAKV8NK1.jpg One day, he began to lose his house, his money, his land until he didn't have anything else to lose. He was desperate and he said:

-“ I would give anything to win this game”

Suddenly, it got dark and a sulphur smell spread around, a terrible noise could be heard. Then he heard a voice:

- “ I've heard your command. You will be lucky and whenever you play, you will win.

In return...

-“ I will give you anything”

-“Wait a minute. Give me your soul when I ask for it.”

The player thought for a minute and answered:imagesCAHQ0IJU.jpg

- O.K. You will have my soul when the last fruit from that “garrofera” falls from the tree.”

- Right.

Time went by and the player started winning all the games he played and recovered all his belongings. He became really, really, really rich. He got married and had children. One night, There was a terrible noise and a strong smell of sulphur spread. The devil appeared and said:

- Get up. It's your time.”

- “Let's go outside the house. My wife is here,”

They went to the village fields and stopped in front of a “garrofer”. The devil asked for his soul then.

-” There are not fruits. You must satisfy our agreement”


The man burst into laughter and told him:

-”Come off it! I can see you are a foreigner. Look at the tree carefully.

- What? I can see it.

- Look at it carefully again

- What do you want me to look at?

- Can you see those tiny things at the end of the branches? They are the new fruits.

Then the devil realized that it had been a trick and he was so angry that he got red, red, red, and burst.

Told tale, finished tale. If you don't rise your bottom from the chair, you'll get a hole on it.