On this page we want to share with you some of our Christmas traditions: FOOD, MUSIC, CELEBRATIONS.....


A Betlem me'n vull anar

My friends and I have written some essays talking about how Spanish people celebrate Christmas. Then we have done a Power Point with everything. We hope you like it.

Christmas in spain - Presentation Transcript

    By: Cristian Herrero Crucera 4t ESO C.
    We receive presents on 25th December or/and on 6th January. When we receive our presents, we get up early to open them.
    Santa Clause gives the presents to the children on 24th December and the three wise men on 6th January.
    If a child has been naughty during the year, the three wise men or Santa gives coal to this child.
  3. My favourite Christmas candy.
    Here in Spain there is a typical candy wich is tradition to eat in Christmas. It’s called the Nougat Candy (TURRÓN), and it is made of chocolate, almonds, sugar and honey. The afternoon before the three wise men come there is in my town a parade in my town.
    We wrap the presents with wrapping paper.We put them on the sofa and underneath the Christmas tree. There are parades where the three wise men and Santa Claus throw presents to the children. We buy presents for our family. At the beginning of December we do our Christmas shopping. We usually buy clothes, toys or games. We expect to get money from our grandparents, games from our parents and clothes, videogames and money from our uncles and aunts. On the night of 24th December we meet our family and they give us money. We give the presents in the morning of 25th December and the 6th January the three wise men come and give us more presents. Whenwe are childrenwebelievethat Santa Claus and thethreewisemenexist, butthenwerealizethatitisourparentswhoputthegiftsunderthetree.
  5. The Christmas Music:
    Christmas carols are typical in Spain; for example ‘bell after bell’; this is our favourite song. The typical instruments to play Christmas Carols are tambourine, bells and a traditional drum-like instrument called zambomba. The music is religious. They are sung at Christmas.
    In Spain it is typical to go from house to house singing for money. This is called ask for ‘aguinaldo’ .The people sing in church, in the town hall square and at home. Christmas Carols can be heard at shopping centres since the beginning of December.

    In Spain it is a tradition to celebrate new year’s eve with the family an friends with a dinner.It is a date when people meet their family and friends. This day we eat chicken, seafood and expensive things, and we toast with champagne. The people wear red underclothes. The people sell lottery to win some money. In Spain the people go to the town hall square to celebrate it. They light fireworks.
    At 12 o’clock at night people eat 12 grapes when de bell chimes 12 to have good luck during the year.
    After eating the grapes young people go to the disco or to parties with their friends.
    On New Year’s Eve we can watch typical music programs on TV.
    On New Year we meet to have lunch with the family. The people wear red underclothes.